Domingo 01 de Mayo del 2016
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Company profile

Founded in 1979, Valores Mexicanos Casa de Bolsa (Valmex) is an Asset Manager and Broker Dealer based in Mexico that offers Portfolio Management solutions in debt and equity markets, in local as well as in global markets to retirement plans, endowments, foundations, public funds, and high net worth individuals. Valmex is part of BAL Group, a Mexican diversified group of autonomous companies, leaders in their sector of activity. Stands out: GNP Seguros, Profuturo Afore, Profuturo Fondos, Profuturo Pensiones, Valores Mexicanos Casa de Bolsa, Operadora Valmex de Sociedades de Inversión, Crédito Afianzador, Arrendadora Valmex, Palacio de Hierro, Industrias Peñoles, ITAM, Médica Móvil, Médica Integral and Bal Holdings, among others.

Our mission is to offer and implement investment solutions: A) for tailor-made portfolios that fit the particular needs of our clients (set forth by investment parameters, benchmark, premiums and risk limits), through an Asset Management process that meets the highest market standards, resulting in high-grade and consistent portfolio performance. B) Through Investment Funds that may convene specific needs for diversification. C) A Record Keeping System via Internet for efficient administration.

Valmex is recognized by the US Embassy and the “United States of America Department of Commerce” as a “Business Service Provider” for the international companies that are seeking financial services in México and has one of the highest rates in the sector issued by Fitch Ratings.

The Asset Management area focuses its efforts relying on the best technical and human resources for a suitable conformation of portfolios and service to clients.